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At Global Commercial Cleaning Services (GCCS) we pride ourselves on the quality of work we provide. Unlike most cleaning companies we only service high rise office towers, enabling us to fine tune our unique set of skills, to providing our clients the most comprehensive service possible.

Through our extensive experience servicing Perth´s premiere commercial high rise office towers we have tailored our services to ensure we can offer our clients all the services they could possibly require.

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Window Cleaning Services

Global Commercial Cleaning Services (GCCS) is one of few contract cleaning companies which owns its own Window Cleaning Division, precluding […]


Tile and Grout Restoration

Old or damaged grout makes the most beautiful tile look ugly. It can also cause structural damage to your home. […]


Carpet Cleaning and Deodorising Services

Global Commercial Cleaning Services (GCCS) provide a full range of Carpet maintenance services. This ranges from programmed carpet shampooing services […]


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With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your source for the highest quality and cleaning services.

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Specialized Company

We are a commercial cleaning company specialize in residential and commercial cleaning.

Licensed & Insured

Your security and peace of mind is our priority & rest assured you will receive the best service.

Dependable Services

We love to take pride in the work we do. Each project is finished in time and budget.

Day Scheduling

We schedule regular appointments to visit your property on the same day and time of the week.

Free Consultations

We offer free consultations for our services, and will provide you with an actual quote.

Reputable Company

We love to take pride in the work we do. Each project is finished in time and budget.

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